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12 Days of MoMA's Most Giftable

12 days of MoMA's most giftable. (Really it's a baker’s dozen; it’s the season of giving, after all.) MoMA is always a solid go-to during the holidays if you are looking for a remarkably kick-ass gift. From utilitarian to whimsical, MoMA flawlessly hits the mark every time. Here’s my list of the MoMA Design Store’s most giftable items for Christmas 2021.

*Just a quick word about links, you can go directly to the product page by clicking any of the pictures. I am not affiliated with MoMA and do not receive any compensation from them; I just think they rock.

1. Ubiquitous, funny, useful, and green, this to-go cup can stay. $10- $15

2. These fantastic bandages by artist Yoshitomo Nara are a great way to cover those holiday wrapping paper cuts and when you’re done, you have a kick-ass storage container. $12

3. The Milano Times Hourglass. It’s beautiful, what more is there to say? $20-$35 Orange/Green or Gray/Pink

4. The hoptimist,is a throwback to the 1960’s happy movement because we could all use a little positivity these days. $21 Comes in red or yellow. Also available as a lamp!

5. Invite a couple of artists to dinner with this salt and pepper set featuring Salvador Dali and Pablo Picasso. A fun way to spice up any meal. $26

6. Hang these modern heroines on the tree or keep them around the whole year long. They are great for little hands and big minds.

7. This colorful and graphic chess/checkers set is something you will want to keep out on display whether you’re a checkerboard rockstar or not. The use of slightly-off-primary colors and interesting shade combinations breathes life into this classic game board. $55

8. Instantly go from camping to glamping with these minimal studies in line, space, and light. $55 for the large, or 3 small for $65.

9. Dansk Kobenstyle is the classic Danish cast iron cookware. Pick up this modern reboot in teal or midnight blue and get cooking! The lid doubles as a trivet too, so smart. $115 - $165

10. Search no more for an attractive electric kettle. This one deserves a place front and center on your countertop. $125

11. This little birdie will gently wake you in the morning with a softly growing light and the sounds of nature. Unfortunately, it can’t make you coffee, but it is a really nice way to start the day. $200

12. This little light has all the things, it is beautiful, clever, tactile, interactive, sculptural, and just plain fun. Available in 5 colors. $200

13. And finally, from the annals of classic modern design, the Nelson ball clock will never not be a welcome gift for any design lover. If your crew doesn't swoon over this, I question your choice in friends.

Have a magical holiday season and I hope you have been good enough for Santa to leave one of these under your tree!

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