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Monochrome Rooms That are Killing It!

All of these (mostly) monochrome rooms are killing it in their own special way. Take a look at these drool-worth spaces and get some inspo for your own home.


A dreamy dusty pink twin bedroom. The subtle layering of of this barely blushing pink color makes it a serene place to unwind no matter what your age. The Saturated indulgence of delicate birds makes it even more dramatic in all of its subtlety.


Deep blue retreat. This room looks like the perfect place to curl up with a good book on a snowy day, or spill your deepest darkest secrets to your bestie. This high-drama sapphire blue room is a head-turner that screams mystery. We all need a little drama in our lives, and this room is the best kind.


Mod citrus sitting room. This room has a totally retro feel with a completely modern flair. The layering of the grapefruit, orange, and lemon tones plus the shiny acrylic tray and glass lamp give this otherwise modest space a boost of glamour. The lush velvet and crewel knife-edge pillows give it a crisp but indulgent vibe.


Green with envy. This bright grass green room brings the outdoors in with its vibrant color and lattice wall trim. The height and texture with the unexpected wall treatment make this small room seem larger than life. The ornate details give it a classy, timeless look right out of a fairytale.


Lavender love. This is another serene bedroom that employs a beautiful monotone color scheme, but this one has a variety of saturations and hues of purple which gives it a little more energy and life. Soothing, playful, and eclectic are the hallmarks of this beautiful boudoir.


Going gray never looked so good! The play of light, shadow, and pattern make this fresh interpretation of neutral gray is sophisticated and playful at the same times. These giant gray-trimmed windows flood the space in natural light and give it dreamy personality to spare.


Pink pattern play. This bright pink stairwell is a fun, unexpected pop of color. With all the vibrant punch-colored pattern prints and the bold pink risers, this stairway makes a statement that can't be ignored.


Back to neutral. The neutral colors and natural materials of this room give it a grounded, peaceful feeling. With lots of textures, natural light, and pattern play this room it has tons of character even with its reserved palette.


Plum Perfect. Deep saturated hues are repeated from room to room with slight variations to bring your eye forward and back through the space. Variations on a color theme add flexibility to the palette without straying too far outside the monochrome vibe.

This Full-Mono room at a Brooklyn art exhibition takes color commitment to the next level. Everything from the chairs to the tableware is done in the same vibrant grass-green, really playing up the importance of texture and materials.

For a fun fine-arts color romp through more of these monochrome rooms, check out this Brooklyn installation on dezeen.

Take Away

Don't be afraid of color. The secret to a great result is commitment and consistency. Set some parameters for yourself and then go to town. You can do a lot with a little, as these rooms have shown us, and sometimes, less really is more. Do you have a room that tells a color story? Tell us about it!

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