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Our process is simple and straight-forward and designed to make your project as seamless as possible.


  1. Our initial phase is a complimentary 15 minute phone consultation to discuss your objectives and evaluate our client/designer fit for scope and vision. SCHEDULE A PHONE CONSULTATION

  2. The second step is to schedule a 90 minute preliminary design discovery visit where we will talk about your space, establish a design direction, and scope of work.

  3. Step three is contract creation where we will outline the scope of work to be performed, duties and expectations, and deliverables such as mood boards, design proposals, drawings, specifications, and installation. Pricing is on a per-project basis and varies depending on the scope of the work.

  4. Next is design development where we will present and edit design concepts over the course of several meetings until we have settled on a design with which we are ready to move forward. 

  5. The next step is documentation, where you will be provided with drawings, specifications, and instructions regarding the implementation of the design concept.

  6. Finally, is procurement and installation of the various design elements. We can handle the purchase, delivery, and installation of all interior furnishing and decor as well as work with your architect and contractor in the field during construction and completion as needed.


Fees are entirely dependent upon scope of work and will be calculated accordingly.  Many different variables are considered in our final fee schedule, however our general fee structure is as follows:

  • 15-minute phone consultation: Free

  • 90-minute preliminary design discovery meeting: $250

  • $15/sq. ft. of project space.  Minimum 200 sf.

  • Purchases of furnishings and accessories: Cost plus 30%

  • Minimum project budget for Turnkey and Full-Service design: $20,000

  • Additional design time outside contracted Turnkey and Full-Service scope of work: $125/hour

  • Day rate: $800/day 


Turnkey delivery includes all full-service design elements as well as purchasing, and installation of all furnishings and decor, plus coordination with your architect or contractor throughout the project. This is for the client who either doesn't have the time or inclination to juggle the headaches of a major design project. Turn-key clients can relax and concentrate on their other responsibilities knowing their project will be seamlessly executed and delivered. 


Full-Service design includes design of your entire space including furnishings, finishes, equipment, and decor specification and drawings. This is for people who want the continuity of a professionally designed space, but would prefer to handle the leg-work of ordering, scheduling, and delivery themselves. 

Day Rate which includes up to six hours of consultation, staging, or shopping assistance. This is the minimum scope of work, other than the initial design consultation. This is for folks who just need a little guidance, but prefer to do most of the heavy lifting themselves.

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